Response to New Chapter (RE: N.C. being bought by Proctor & Gamble)

9 Jun

Hi Casey,

Thanks for your response, I appreciated that.  I just watched the video from Paul and Barb.  I don’t really know what to say.  I guess at this point, my underlying feeling is that, with so many high-quality vitamin and supplement products available today, why on earth would I spend money on New Chapter when it directly benefits Proctor & Gamble?
P&G tortures and kills tens of thousands of animals each year through unnecessary product testing.  They maintained their licencing agreement with South Africa during the boycott years of Apartheid.  They polluted the Fenholloway River in my home state of Florida in the early 90’s.  They do hundreds of millions of dollars of contracts with the Pentagon and their war-machine every year and had ties to the Nazi regime.  And finally, among all of the pollution and other environmental degradation they’re responsible for, they’re tied to Monsanto; the company which sues small family farms for saving seeds which are contaminated with their Round-up Ready seeds.  Basically they are the complete anti-thesis of New Chapter’s stated mission and ethic. It’s horrifying that a company with ties to Monsanto will have control and access to New Chapter’s mushroom formulas, laboratories and farms.
 But this is all obvious and doesn’t need saying.
So no, I will NOT be supporting New Chapter any longer, nor will I “be patient and help keep P&G honest”.  The thought that P&G will somehow kept “honest” by Paul and Barb is absurd and naive.  Anyway, thank you again for your response.

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